CAPHA empowers Journalists in healthier diets advocacy

In a proactive step toward cultivating healthier dietary habits and environments, the Coalition of Actors for Public Health Advocacy (CAPHA) and its partners recently organized a one-day training workshop for journalists as part of the Healthier Diets for Healthy Lives (HD4HL) Project.

The collaborative effort includes influential organizations such as the Ghana NCD Alliance, Ghana Public Health Association, Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (GAND), Institute of Leadership and Development (INSLA), Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO), and Songtaba.

The HD4HL project aims to advance evidence-based initiatives, mobilize multi-stakeholder actions, and implement policies such as food marketing regulation, food labeling, food-related fiscal policies, and public food procurement and service policies. Recognizing the pivotal role of the media in shaping public opinion, the workshop sought to equip journalists with comprehensive insights into the HD4HL project and its proposed policies, emphasizing their potential impact on public health.

During the workshop, representatives from GAND, promoters of the Food Marketing Regulation Policies, highlighted the necessity of regulating advertisements targeting children, ensuring the consideration of health needs, overall nutrition, and well-being.

The participants acknowledged the importance of clear food labeling championed by the Ghana NCD Alliance to aid consumers in making informed choices. The workshop also delved into the significance of food-related fiscal policies, which involve imposing taxes on unhealthy foods or providing subsidies for healthy alternatives.

Additionally, INSLA’s presentation emphasized the critical role of public food procurement and service policies in setting criteria for the sale and service of food in public settings, contributing to the promotion of healthier food options. The workshop reflected a strategic advocacy approach, aiming to garner media support, raise awareness, and cultivate public understanding of these crucial policies for a healthier Ghana.

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